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Top 5 Reasons- Shower Glass

Say Goodbye to Dirty Stained Shower Glass

Shower glass is the focal point of every bathroom. Beautiful, spotless shower glass makes a room feel open and clean. Because it is such a focal point, damaged and stained glass can can ruin the look of the entire bathroom. Keeping glass looking clear and new is a daily chore, requiring a squeegee after each use. After owning clear glass shower doors, most people will say that they wish they would have just gone with a shower curtain. HydroShield of Denver has the solution! With a single application of HydroShield Glass Protection you will have peace of mind knowing that your shower glass will stay looking new and clear for years to come.

Making Your Life Easier

HydroShield Glass Protection provides a highly durable, slick finish to your shower glass. The result is glass that gets less spotting after each use. HydroShield Glass Protection makes your glass easy to clean, reducing maintenance by 75%. Clean up can be as simple as a quick once over with water and a towel.  Really, it’s that easy!

Clean Shower Glass Doors

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Throw Away Those Harsh Toxic Cleaners

Not only will you see a drastic reduction in the amount of time it takes to clean your home, once HydroShield is applied, you can throw away those harsh chemical cleaners. This creates a more eco-friendly environment as well as a kid safe zone by eliminating all of those products you must keep from their reach.

Protect Your Investment

HydroShield Glass Protection prevents damage before it has a chance to occur. Because our coating fills in the microscopic pores of the glass and creates an irreversible bond, shower glass will continue looking new for years to come. Relax, we have you covered!

More Than a Warranty, It’s a Protection Plan

HydroShield Glass Protection comes with a 5-year warranty.  We are a locally owned and operated business.  We stand behind every application that we do.  If you have a question or concern, you call a local number and speak to a real person, not a toll-free number where you sit on hold and hope for a solution. We have technicians that come to you and provide superior customer service.

We Love our Customers


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