Natural Stone Sealing & Protection

Top 5 Reasons- Natural Stone

Rock Solid Protection Backed by 20+ Years of Experience

We know that claiming HydroShield Stone Protection is the best stone sealer on the market is bold. Our claim is backed by 20+ years of experience and over a million applications.  “Trusted” and “proven” are just a couple words customers use when asked why they chose HydroShield.  Our innovative stone protection is unique.  It is unlike any other sealant on the market because of the dual protection it offers.  This dual or hybrid protection not only penetrates the stone to protect it from the inside out, it also provides a barrier of protection to the surface of the stone. The result is an easy to clean, highly durable and stain resistant stone.

Prepare to be Amazed!

Protect Your Investment

Natural Stone provides the ultimate finish to any room in your home. Not only does natural stone increase your home value, its natural beauty is unmatched. Each stone is unique and truly one of kind. As the stone protection specialists we love and appreciate the opportunity we have everyday to work with some of the earths greatest creations.  Our passion for stone is only surpassed by our enthusiasm to protect it with the absolute best stone sealers on the market, HydroShield Stone Protection.

Travertine Before

Travertine Before


Travertine After

 The Perfect Finish

Natural stone takes millions of years to be created deep within the earth. Once the stone is located, it takes a tremendous amount of power from man and machine to quarry. The stone is then cut, prepared and exported all over the world by boat, sometimes taking weeks to reach its final destination. When your custom stone finally arrived in South Carolina it was fabricated, polished and installed with great craftsmanship. It is such an amazing process resulting in a beautiful finish to your home. It is scary to think that stone surfaces can be damaged within a matter of seconds by wine, oils and other household products. Protection should not be compromised and left up to just any stone seal. HydroShield Stone Protection prevents damage before it has a chance to occur and provides peace of mind.

Multiple Options to Enhance Your Home

HydroShield Stone ENHANCER

Before & After with HydroShield Stone Color Enhancer

HydroShield South Carolina offers multiple choices when protecting your stone. Whether you want to maintain the natural look of your stone or add color enhancement, we have the best option for you.

More Than a Warranty, It’s a Protection Plan

HydroShield Stone Protection comes with a 3 year warranty.  We are a locally owned and operated business.  We stand behind every application that we do.  If you have a question or concern, you call a local number and speak to a real person, not a toll-free number where you sit on hold and hope for a solution. We have technicians that come to you and provide superior support.

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